Choosing Entertainment That’s Guaranteed to Please a Crowd | An Interview with String Theory

Choosing Entertainment That’s Guaranteed to Please a Crowd | An Interview with String Theory

String Theory has been playing together for 8 years: Dan Connor, Charles Broten, Greg Smith. We play steel string or nylon-strung guitars, bass, mandolin, fiddle and sing: all acoustic music. We have long experience of playing all kinds of events, including weddings.

Dan and Greg both teach music in the local community.

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

We play a very wide range of music: ‘everything but heavy metal’ has been said, partly in jest… We play both originals and covers: gypsy jazz, bluegrass, country, folk, jazz, Brazilian, Celtic, classical. We can often learn a favorite song or two for a couple if we don’t know them already and they work in an acoustic setting. We are not a replacement for a D.J. or a rock band, if that’s what’s needed, but we can cover the pre-ceremony, the ceremony and the reception with powerful and appropriate music. The three of us have somewhat different tastes, but a common commitment to quality of both sound and performance. We own a sophisticated, high-fidelity PA system which can be used for the ceremony/reception as well.

What’s the secret to finding the perfect event or wedding music?

The perfect wedding music is the music which makes the occasion both serious and joyful. What that is is sometimes specified by the couple, but oftentimes, we will play appropriate pieces and we haven’t had a bad review yet! We have played Debussy, Bach… Grateful Dead… Johnny Cash.

What are some songs or genres guaranteed to please a crowd?

People seem to like variety, but it is also effective to pace the event so that it builds from seriousness to celebration. We have a lot of experience and a very wide repertoire to choose from.

What’s your favorite way to unwind in the mountains?

Greg climbs and skis; Dan loves to explore the East Side’s wonderful backcountry and work on his original songs; Charlie likes to cycle and play fiddle at every opportunity.

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