Nature Inspired Event Photography | An Interview with Bluebird Imaging

Nature Inspired Event Photography | An Interview with Bluebird Imaging

Bluebird Imaging is a husband and wife photography and printing business. We started 14 years ago in scenic Mammoth Lakes. Our creative and passionate team of 2 may grow to 3 soon, as our older son shows more interest in photography and our business.

Where do you draw your creative Inspiration from?

We both graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography. At Brooks we learned everything there was to know about shooting film.  Photography has changed with the digital revolution, but   we strive to remain tech savvy.  Our love of nature has been our inspiration throughout our lives.  Nature inspires us even in our commercial work, when we photograph people, architecture and all we do.  We also inspire one another every day.

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What do you love about being a photographer in Mammoth Lakes?

Mammoth Lakes is a vast, rugged and beautiful place. Our love of nature and the outdoors is the reason we live here. The calm, peaceful colors, the crisp, cool air, and the unique and amazing landscape inspire us to create. There is no better place to be a photographer.

What are some of the hottest trends you’re seeing in wedding and event photography right now?

These days, everyone has a camera – from i-Phones to compact SLR’s – photography is available to all.  This has made the wedding and event photographer’s job different, the industry has evolved. As a wedding photographer, I have to make myself stand out and have a unique style. To me, wedding photography is about capturing the moment, and the essence of that moment.  I see trends in capturing the moment with a photojournalistic approach and stylized black and white images with a fine art look.

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What is your best advice for people visiting Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding Eastern Sierra for the first time?

Remember to look – everywhere – the Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Lakes is an incredible area, like no where else.  Pay attention to your surroundings and the details, take it all in. And remember to breath deeply, the fresh mountain air is so good for the soul.

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