On Flowers, Weddings and Geographic Time | An Interview with Mums N Roses

On Flowers, Weddings and Geographic Time | An Interview with Mums N Roses

Mums and Roses is a self-described new-aged-florist with old-school-ethics. With a passion for flowers and a savvy approach to floral varieties and floral care, Chanel grew up in a family where the men better not dare step foot in the door – on any given holiday – without some form of a bouquet in hand.

I started my business on a whim here in Mammoth after recognizing that there was a need for floristry in the area with the growing amount of destination weddings. I basically ran with it and haven’t looked back. I love creating; I love people and talking (have you seen the size of this interview?!); I truly love making people happy. So with all those qualities, and some top-notch helpers behind me, Mums N’ Roses holds the key to wedding flower success! Although we specialize in Weddings/Events, we also offer a subscription delivery service of different levels for the home or business. So with that being said, let the flowers grow and the good times roll!

Where do you draw your creative Inspiration from?

I’d say I draw my creative inspiration from a range of social media sources: pinterest, blogs, floral and bridal instagram accounts, magazines, blogs, flower markets, nature etc. There’s just so much creativity out there at your fingertips. Sometimes I stay up way too late getting lost in all the amazing designs, and pay for it the next day! I’m sure it sounds funny, but I’ve adored Martha Stewart since I was a little girl. So, Martha Stewart Weddings is high on my list. BLHDN, by Anthropologie, is another major favorite in the wedding inspo game. I’m also a huge fan of my florist friend Katie D from Stems Floral Design in Palos Verdes, Ca. She has been in the business for years and has really made quite a name for herself with many platinum weddings under her belt. Creativity is rooted into the deepest part of her being and she is a huge inspiration to me. Her designs are on point and her attitude and work ethic is like no other!

What do you love about Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra?

Where do I begin?

I am a bit of a geography nerd. So, the endless volcanic geographical formations throughout the area are insane to me. A catastrophic event and 1,000’s of years later, here we are in one of the most beautiful places in the world. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t drive down the street, glance around, and feel beyond blessed by the breathtaking beauty that surrounds me, 365 days out of the year. I love the rich cultural history from the Paiute-Shoshone tribes that once roamed the land, to the California Gold Rush, to the pioneers of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. What I’m getting at is the area has so much to offer throughout all four seasons. To me that means there’s an infinite amount of ways to spend time and make memories/experiences with your loved ones – no matter if you’re a local or visitor. It’s no surprise to me that Mammoth and the surrounding area is such a popular and rising destination wedding location due to the roll it’s played in so many lives. I’m super happy I get to call this place my home and share it with so many who feel the same J

What are some of the hottest trends you’re seeing in floral design right now?

Vintage to the MAX!!! Blushes, Creams, Mauve, Grays… Any color flower or greenery that is “pale”: Garlands made of various types of eucalyptus with large romantic colored flowers strewn about make “show-stopping” centerpieces without obstructing the view of your guests. All textured designs are key right now. They are not only fun to look at, but also fun to design! Succulents are still in demand because let’s face it… they’re just cool. I think mason jars are here to stay due to their cost effectiveness and versatility – with a little paint job and some floral design the possibilities are endless. Metallic vessels (ie: Mercury Glass) of all shapes and sizes are on fire. They are a classy and beautiful way to present an arrangement. In my opinion, they’re timeless. For the “free spirited” BOHO bride, there’s a lot going on out there: Fuscia, Magenta, turquoise, purple, orange, yellow (lots of color) flowers with large showstoppers like a King Protea or other exotic varieties. They can be dressed up with metallic vessels, wine/beer bottles or colored glass vases of various sizes. The Eastern Sierras are a perfect backdrop for this style and I would LOVE to see more of it (Hint, hint).

What is your best advice for people visiting Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding Eastern Sierra for the First time?

Hmmmmm. I would say to try and stay a few extra days if possible because there’s so much to see. If that’s not in the cards, I would make sure to research your little heart out before hand so you can narrow down your must sees and dos.  Both The Mammoth Lakes Chamber and the Mammoth Lakes Tourism websites are some good resources for local information and upcoming events. When in Mammoth, remember where you’re at and why you’re here. Mammoth and its’ surrounding area is on “mountain time”, and typically this a bit more relaxed. There’s no need to rush here because you want to enjoy every minute of it. Not to sound cheesy, but, at night, make sure you take a drive a little outside of town or somewhere without many lights (you don’t have to drive far at all). You can see so many stars with the clear mountain skies it will blow your mind. You might want to lay down so you don’t hurt your neck J I guarantee you’ll see at least a couple shooting stars. Also, if you are here in the summer try and get out for a hike…even if it’s just a short one. I’m sure you’ll be blown away!

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